Our company is dedicated to the development and trade of tools that are innovative and exclusive for automotive workshops and tyres experts.

During the production and assembly processes, all of our products are inspected based on a strict quality control that allows its total guaranteed marketing.

All our products are manufactured in SPAIN. They are duly registered and protected and have their own patent or utility model as per regulations

Development of an Idea
Development idea Utilnova

>UTILNOVA has the best testing bench and its own automotive workshop where we study and analyse the tasks and tools that are involved in the daily work of a mechanic.

We study ways of enhancing the tools used according to their different aspects: design, safety, ergonomics, manageability, material protection, chemical compositions, etc...

We like to reinvent and explore new perspectives, and we do not take for granted those processes that have always been made the same way. Our objective is to give our products an added value from which all workshops can benefit.

Development idea Utilnova

R+D+I department

Our R+D+I department comprises a dynamic and multidisciplinary team with a large experience in the industry that is also supported by the best external collaborators, including proven experienced automotive workshops whose different perspectives enrich the creative process and contribute to the development of innovative tools that are also practical and easy to use, favouring the daily work at the workshops.

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Manufacturing tool

We work together with experts of different sectors that guide and advise us on conceptualisation and manufacturing of our projects.

Our collaborators are distributed throughout Spain and are centres of investigation and transformation of raw material with which we work closely to offer products of superb quality and design.

UTILNOVA works closely with CEMITEC (ADItech), Centro Multidisciplinar de tecnologías para la industria, to test the behaviour of all of our products before they are marketed.

Marketing tool

Tool trading

UTILNOVA's distribution network is present nationwide through the best distributors in each region to be accessible to all workshops in the peninsula.

Our managing and commercial team pays monthly visits to automotive workshops to receive a direct feedback from users and to collect all the necessary information with which it is possible to continue innovating and developing new projects and solutions.

We are expanding our international trading network. Get in touch with us to know the nearest sale points, as well as the countries where we are present.

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Compromised with the development and the integration of our surroundings

UTILNOVA collaborates with Tasubinsa, a special employment centre that works for the complete labour and social integration of the people with intellectual or developmental disability, servicing more than 1,200 people in our region.